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Alberta.Recovers.org has only been online for a little more than a day. We thought you might like to know the sort of donations people are offering.

One thing this website does is keeps track of things people want to donate. If you have a couch, for example, you can enter the information about it in our database using the handy and easy "I Want to Give" button on our front page.

You keep that couch until someone needs it. That way there is no warehouse needed to store your couch, and no one has to sort it or move it.

OK, so what have we got so far? This will give you a flavour. It's also a chance to say THANK YOU to those who have offered these things.

Home furnishings large and small including some kitchen items.

Clothing for a variety of adults and children.

Toddler diapers.

Toys and kids things including at least one bike.

The list changes as people find matches and as more donations come in.

If you need something, whether it's listed here or not, you are invited to post your need using the handy "I Have a Need" button on the front page.

This website is one more way to help get the things that people need into their hands at the right place and time. We hope it helps.


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