Donations Update for Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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This update is over 30 days old.

Hi All!

Thanks again to the generous people who are posting their offers of donations here on Some of the things you've offered will be needed right away. For others it could take some time, until people are back in their homes and feeling up to the task of rebuilding.

Here's a pretty good list of the types of items we have in our donations database now.

Cleaning supplies: Bleach, hand sanitizer, SOS pads, J-cloths,old sheets for rags

Furniture for the major rooms of any home, including some for children and baby

Clothing for men, women and children, including maternity wear

Coupons and help in finding bargains using coupons


High chair

If you need something from the list, please use the handy "I have a need" button on our home page.

If you have offered a donation, Thank You!


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