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We continue to be so thankful for the generosity of so many. We had an offer of a 2002 Intrepid automobile to a flood victim who lost their mode of transportation. 250,000 kms. and is in good running order. V8 with leather seats.

If you are ready for good used furniture, please let us know. People are just waiting for a call to share their items with you. Some can deliver and others require it to be picked up.

Our "Adopt-a-Family" is looking for your special bears to share with those being adopted. We appreciate Janet McLeod for donating five very special bears who will go to those being adopted. Please see the photo of Janet on our side show. We have people waiting to adopt so please let flood victims know to register on our site.

Thank you again, to all those who have helped in so many ways. We noticed a great improvement in the landscape in High River on the week-end with most of the piles of garage no longer lining the streets. Much work still ahead but heart warming to see volunteers making such a difference.


  • I am in need of a vehicle. I am not financially stable, and helped with evacuating residents from High River in the School bus that I drive. Was called to action at about 9:00am Thursday June 20. After which I was then dispatched to Okotoks, when I tried to return home I was told that I could not enter High River. My car, as well as 5 other bus drivers lost our vehicles. It would be so greatly appreciated if I would be able to receive this vehicle. I would be very gracious .


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