Bridges of Love's Flood Relief Efforts Update

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This update is over 30 days old.

Matches are starting to occur more readily due to the increase in needs being posted to our site. Two vehicles were recently matched with flood victims who lost their mode of transportation. What a gift to be mobile again... Thank you to the kind generosity of those who donated cars. We have one more request from a High River resident for a vehicle or funds to purchase a used car.

Also, a High River family has received a washer/dryer, stove, dishwasher, clothing, household items from multiple donors. Great to see blessings coming from so many.

We collaborated with NeighbourLink Calgary to access food, baby crib mattress, household items to assist a large family who had flood damage but was not included in the flood evacuee area. These families are often forgotten and little assistance is available. Even though the area was not devastated to the same degree, basements were destroyed and belongings lost. They need our help as well. The children received beautiful clothes from a very generous donation from Ft. McMurray's children's store, "Just Kidding." The little girl was so excited exclaiming ..."Yahoo" when she saw the new duds!!

A match was made for our first "Adopt-A-Family" with a church connecting with a single gal who must relocate due to flood damage to her home in Bridgeland. Again, the basement was devastated so the landlord asked her to find a new place to live. Not easy in this market so it takes a concentrated effort to find the right location. A little dog is part of the family so this takes a special residence. Please let us know if you hear of any vacancies in any area of the city. She would prefer a 2 bedroom under $1100.

Another family of five is looking for a 3-4 bedroom home in SW. Would prefer to house sit if possible as they will be returning home in 4 - 6 months.

Did you know Value Village gives 30% off clothing, and household items to those affected by the flood. I have not noticed any poster advertising this special deal but I was told by a manager that if it is made known, the order will be discounted. If donors do not wish to hold on to clothing until needed, we recommend they drop it off at a clothing depot that gives flood victims a discount, as there are many good buys at these locations. They have the staff and infrastructure to display clothing which makes it much easier to locate what is needed.

We also have had many offers of large appliances. Since we do not have a warehouse to stockpile these items, we spoke with Habit for Humanity, and they will take appliances. They do not give discounts to flood victims, however, but their prices are reasonable and the quality of their product is good.

Just another month until school will be back in session. We still have lovely clothing and shoes available from "Just Kidding." If you know of children in need of good new duds, please give Bridges of Love a call. 403.263.5683 or email: Also, there is a previous post for free back-packs and haircuts for children heading back to school. Please check out their Community Up-date post from Highland Mennonite Brethren Church in NW Calgary.

Again, much appreciation to the donors, volunteers who have delivered appliances and those who have taken a family under their 'umbrella' to assist through an often frustrating and discouraging time. You will make a difference as we have seen first hand, what a helping hand can make, as you come alongside a hurting family. Thank you ALL!


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