Donations/Needs Update, August 12, 2013

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This update is over 30 days old.

Our match-making is progressing wonderfully well. It has truly been a blessing to see the joy coming not only from those who receive help but also from those who are assisting those affected by the floods.

We have three families adopted to date and from the feed-back, the matches have been very positive. Those families adopted receive an extra hand-up on a more personal level. A few comments received...

"Myrna came by today, what a great choice for us....she's very nice, oh u did a great job finding her, my goodness you are all so nice and kind.... As for Myrna, she was so super excited cuz she hadn't been to yard sales in a long time and she had found my son a awesome bike and she bought him a lock and helmet. He wasn't here when she came but I'm going to video when he comes home lol... He's gunna be so happy! This is amazing and we (me) am super grateful for all this help." Shauna

"I am still so very thankful for this lovely automobile. It is everything I wanted in a vehicle. It is amazing......... thank you once again for the time you have spend working with me and all others you have helped. God bless you and your team. I am most thankful." Judy

This web site provides the means to track our donor matches so we continue to give thanks to RECOVERS. We realize not everyone has access to a computer, however, so we still talk personally with many who have donations and needs.

Some donations still waiting for a match...

Electric Lawn Mower A beautiful large dining room suite. (solid wood) with six chair and buffet. Excellent condition Excellent condition bed chesterfield Day bed Up-right grand piano Stove Portable Dishwasher Hot water tank Children's clothing and accessories Washer/Dryer*

We appreciate those who have made trips out to High River with appliances. Trucks are always needed to assist with delivery of the larger items. If you or your church can help, that would be greatly appreciated.

Just a little reminder of Highland MB Churches Back to School event August 19 - 20. They have school bags equipped for flood victims and those who could use a little help with back to school supplies. They are also providing free hair cuts. Two companies from our site also donated new children's clothing/shoes and toys and stuffed critters. Should be a great time so please register to be part of this event. Joyce 403.235.2821 or /Elma 403.204.0957.

We are also still looking for a home for a family of 5. They are paying on a mortgage so cannot afford a lot of rent. Would like to house sit if possible. 3 - 6 months.

Also, a single gal with a small dog in need of a place by the end of September. She would like a two bedroom if possible under $1100, including utilities.

Thank you so much for all the help, donations and kindness shown. It has truly been a gift to be involved in this activity. It is hard to put into words but it has touched my heart, over and over.


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